photo_indexThis is a travelogue including photos of Katie Miller and Brian Kleinman’s 2001 trip to Europe. Huffing our backpacks, trying to blend in, we used EuroRail passes to take the trains everywhere.

Some of our “adventures” include: getting engaged, wet-mildewy money, a Belgian train strike, breakfast with “grandma” (as we nicknamed her) in Germany, and overeating everywhere we went!


Paris, France
Heidelberg, Germany
Munich & Dachau, Germany
Füssen, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Venice & Padua, Italy
Naples & Procida, Italy
Pompeii, Italy
Rome, Italy
Florence & San Gimignano, Italy
Pisa & Finale Ligure, Italy
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Carcassone, France
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Córdoba, Spain
Marbella, Spain
Ronda, Spain
Faro, Lisbon, & Sintra, Portugal
Blois, France
Paris, France

Our travel tips:

1. Travel days are just for travel. You don’t have to have the quintessential Italian meal the first night you arrive. Sometimes getting to your destination is a major accomplishment.

2. Be flexible and patient.

3. Take about $100 in foreign currency for every country you will visit.

4. Purchase the Thomas Cook Continental Timetable, published every month. It includes train schedules to take you from the largest to the smallest of cities. It was very helpful to us.

5. Stop for ice cream or icy-treats every chance you get!